Paul graduated with honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first and only nationally accredited school for hypnosis in the United States. The Hypnosis Motivation Institute requires over 700 hours of accelerated education for certification. Paul is also a Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator.

Paul has been helping people with their problems ever since college. Paul's fraternity brothers nicknamed him "Poppa" for his "fatherly" advice. After he graduated college, he used his life's knowledge and wisdom in his radio broadcasting career. He journeyed throughout the country working at various radio stations applying his experiences to his phone callers. His callers were at ease discussing their life's woes with him and he genuinely cared about each person he talked with. It was similar to being a bartender but he wasn't pouring drinks he was listening to people pour out their hearts and dispensing advice to his patrons. Listeners would comment "You're so easy to talk to" and "you always seem to say the right things."

He finally realized after many years in the radio broadcasting industry that there was another calling for him. He always enjoyed helping people by listening to others and offering sage advice when asked. Once he discovered hypnotherapy he knew he found his life's calling.

He takes pleasure in being a guide for his clients' new beginning. He is always amazed at the positive changes that take place. No matter what problem or situation his clients are trying to overcome, Paul is able to deliver the proper motivation and guidance. He is able to recognize a beneficial way to overcome any situation in a positive light and looks forward to being your guide for a New Beginning.

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