A few months ago, I started talking to Paul about hypnotherapy, asking lots of questions. Being a skeptical type person I tend to do that a lot. The one thing that resonated to me was that it had to be something I really wanted. At that time I was stuck, not being able to follow a Creative path I really really wanted. I tried many different ways to break through some creative blocks that were holding me back from following my dreams. I took classes after classes spending hundreds & hundreds of dollars per class, only to still have an awkward uncomfortability while trying to perform. That's when I took Paul up on his offer, and with no expectations I started hypnotherapy. Today I continue to go to hypnotherapy with Paul because I find that I am continuing to grow as a person and the therapy sessions give me a positive center to start from as I continue to follow my dreams and conquer the fears that used to keep me from succeeding. With Paul's help I find that I am able to over come and work on other areas of my life that cause me to doubt myself, like diet, exercise, and continued growth in my creativity.

~B.B., Los Angeles, CA

My name is Kathy Bissonette. Paul & I have been colleagues and friends for 11 years. During my time spent with Paul at Album Network a friendship grew from our daily interactions & work functions. Once the Network closed we went on to work at different companies however our friendship remained strong. Paul's a very dependable person, he's always been there for me, and exemplifies a great personality with others. Once Paul told me that he was practicing hypnotherapy I was ecstatic to allow such an entrusted friend perform his healing sessions.

Most of my life I've had major problems with stress and anxiety, with Paul's therapy I feel like I have it all under control. Paul has helped me very much in my life. Paul is a positive healer and lucky to offer his services to the public. I wish all the best for Paul in his endeavors.

~Kathy Bissonette, Northridge, CA